Volunteers Always Needed!

Medical Care Transport

Transport to our vet for medical care for sick kittens/cats as needed. Requires pick up from foster, transport to vet for appointment. Obtain medications from vet, understand and communicate medical instructions to foster, return cats/kittens to foster home. 

Time Needed: Varies; typically 1-2 hours a month. On call. 

You will enjoy: reading a book while you wait for the appointment to be completed.

Transport for spay/neuter

Transport feral cats (in secure traps) and cats/kittens (1 per carrier) to low/cost spay neuter veterinarians. Pick up and return to staging area.

Time Needed: Minimum 1-1.5 hours each way of trip. Pick up at staging location at 6:45 am and from spay/neuter clinic between 3 and 4pm. You can volunteer for either morning or afternoon or both. Varies; typically once per every two months.

You will enjoy: listening to multiple cats singing the song of their people all the way to the clinic and back.

Placing and monitoring traps

Setting feral cat traps over a period of days to acclimate cats so they enter the trap for food. Reset traps to capture feral cats. Monitor traps for capture. Transport feral cat in trap to staging area. Releasing cat back to original location after spay/neuter.

Time Needed: Varies and is dependent on available spay/neuter appointments. Typically 3-5 evenings per month. 

You will enjoy: the sound of the trap closing and the angry glare of a feral cat knowing his/her breeding cycle is about to be stopped in its tracks.  But hey – you know it’s the right thing to stop the breeding cycle!

Foster care

Welcome a cat, kittens, or pregnant cat into your home, based on experience. May be needed for bottle babies (feedings every 2-3 hours for 2 weeks), or healthy kittens who need lots of playing and socialization. It could be administering medications and caring for sick kittens with eye, respiratory, or gastrointestinal issues. You tell us what you are comfortable handling.

Time Needed: Until animal is adopted. Note that this can be several months! For newborn kittens, it could be 3-4 months until they are ready for adoption. Older kittens can typically take several months before adoption.

You will enjoy: kitten kisses, unlimited purrs, hearts full of love, laughter at crazy kitten antics, adorable toe beans, and a lap full of warm and sleepy kittens.

Adoption Application Coordinator

Process adoption applications. Check vet references. Interview potential adopters. Coordinate meet and greets with adopter, foster, and kittens/cats. Approve adoption applications and coordinate pick-up. Complete adoption contract with adopter and ensure adoption fee is received.

Time Needed: Typically 2-3 hours over the course of several days to complete process.

You will enjoy: watching kittens and cats find their forever families, and knowing you have placed them in a safe and loving environment where they will be cared for over their lifetime. 

Spay/Neuter Appointment Coordinator

Calling and scheduling appointments for kittens/cats for spay/neuter. 

Time Needed: Typically up to 4 hours a month to monitor availability and coordinate kitten/cat drop off at staging area and drivers. 

You will enjoy: hearing No Appointments Available over and over and over again (We jest. Sort of.) Dealing with No Shows (Yep. Still not really joking.) Honestly – this is one of the hardest but yet MOST IMPORTANT volunteer opportunities we have. Are you up for the challenge?

Administration Coordinator

Maintains our internal database with medical, adoption, foster and volunteer data.

Time Needed: 4 hours weekly. Time can vary based on intake during kitten season and available spay/neuter appointments.

You will enjoy: An endless supply of paperwork and organizational  needs. In fact, if you love a place for everything and everything in its place, you will love the opportunity to keep us organized!


Take pictures and video for our social media to showcase our adoptable cats and kittens. You may need to visit the homes of our fosters or you may receive photos and videos that require some preparation for Facebook or Instagram. Requires a more sophisticated knowledge of video and photo editing than we possess!

Time Needed: Since we are not really good at this, we have no idea. 

You will enjoy: Really, what’s NOT to love about taking pictures of kittens? Have you SEEN our camera rolls containing hundreds of gazillions of adorable pictures? (Although this is clearly the problem.)

As volunteers, many of us also have full-time jobs outside of the home. It takes a little bit of help from alot of people to make this work and we appreciate your help.